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A Beginner's Guide To Starting A Custom Signage Business with Lasers

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How To Find, Buy And Use A Laser Engraver Cutter For Sign Making?

How To Get Started In Custom Sign Business with Laser Machines?

With the pursuit of personalization, the custom signage business has a chance to grow. Moreover, with the addition of laser machines, the custom sign business has taken off.

Have you been thinking about how to start a custom business for making personalized signs? In this guide, we'll review the key steps to help get you started.

How To Buy A Laser Machine To Make Signage?

Buying a new laser sign making machine is an easy and time-consuming process for starters. We have listed 6 easy-to-follow steps to purchase a new laser sign engraving cutting machine to save you time and ease your mind during the process.

Step 1. Consider Your Buying Options

There are a number of laser buying options available on the market, you need to make an informed purchase decisionto avoid buying the wrong laser signage engraver cutter or one with too few or more features than needed.

Step 2. Calculate A Price You Can Afford

When considering a new laser machine purchase, you should buy based on what they can afford. You can't blindly pursue multi-function and low price, an economical and practical model is the best option.

Step 3. Do Your Research & Compare

When considering the purchase of a laser machine, everything counts like laser powers, size, performance, feature, as well as some additional abilities. The key is to narrow your search options by creating a short list of choices before buying your machine.

Step 4. Narrow Down Your Selection

How do you narrow down your selection with hundreds of popular brands and models? It depends on what you want to do with it, and how scalable it is. 

Step 5. Pre-Purchase Inspection & Try-Out

If possible, you should asking for a pre-purchase inspection and try-out from the dealer to determine if the machine really meets your business needs of signs making.

Step 6. Get Final Checklist

This is the most exciting part of the buying experience. By this time, you have determined the model of the machine you want to buy and the list of configurations you need, all that remains is to choose whether to buy directly from the manufacturer's website or pick up the goods from the dealer, then negotiate the price, payment and shipping method, and finally seal the deal.

What Laser Machine Is Best for Sign Making?

When choosing the best laser machine for personalized sign making, you should determine the material you want to engrave or cut in advance. If you are making metal signage, a fiber laser engraving and cutting machine is the ideal. If you want to make wood signage, a CO2 laser engraver cutter is the right one. If you want to make plastic and acrylic signage, a UV laser engraving machine is professional, while a CO2 laser is also a good option.

Rotary Fiber Laser Engraver for Custom Metal Rings & Bracelets

Fiber Laser Engraving Machine with Rotary Attachment for Custom Metal Rings & Bracelets


$3,200.00 - $5,800.00

Fiber laser engraver STJ-30FM is used to etch black, white, gray, colors on stainless steel, titanium, chromium with MOPA laser source, as well as custom metal rings & bracelets with a rotary attachment.

Affordable CO2 Laser Wood Cutter for Plywood and MDF

Best Budget CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Wood, MDF, Plywood on Sale


$3,500.00 - $4,800.00

STJ1390 is an affordable entry-level CO2 laser cutter for beginners to cut out 2D/3D shapes and contours with softwood, solid wood, MDF, plywood to make personalized signs, puzzles, gifts, arts and crafts.

Small Laser Metal Cutting Machine for Beginners on Sale

Small Metal Laser Cutter with Fiber Laser Generator for Starters on Sale


$23,800.00 - $39,800.00

Metal laser cutter ST-FC1390 is a high precision small fiber laser cutting system for hobby use and home business to cut through most types of sheet metals.

3D Fiber Laser Engraving Machine for Metal Surface Texturing

3D Fiber Laser Engraver for Metal Deep Textures and Micro Finishes


$10,000.00 - $18,000.00

3D fiber laser engraving machine is a type of 5 axis laser texturing system for marking on 3D curved surfaces, mold textures, deep textures, and micro finishes.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine with CCD Visual Positioning System

Fiber Laser Engraver with Automatic CCD Visual Positioning System for Sale


$6,000.00 - $9,600.00

Fiber laser marking machine with CCD visual positioning system is used for mass and continuous engraving to make standardized products in a constant flow.

How To Use A Laser Machine To Make Signs?

A laser machine is an essential tool for custom sign business, capable of making clear and smooth engravings and cuts. Here is a simple explanation of 7 easy operation steps, let's get started and create your own personalized signs with laser.

Step 1. Install the appropriate laser driver on the computer.

Step 2. Install the laser machine control software on the computer (some are included with the machine).

Step 3. Connect the laser machine to the power adapter and turn on the power, press the power switch, and connect the machine to the USB port of the computer with a data cable.

Step 4. At this time, open the "Device Manager" of the computer. If you see this port, it means that the connection between the computer and the machine is successful.

Step 5. Open the control software and import the designed file of your personalized sign.

Step 6. Before starting engraving and cutting, the focus of the laser head must be adjusted to the minimum point. If the focus is not small enough, processing may not be possible or the effect may not be good. The following are the steps to adjust the laser focus.

6.1. Safety glasses must be worn.

6.2. Place the object to be cut or engraved under the laser head.

6.3. Click the laser button, the laser head emits a weak laser. (The laser is not dazzling at this time, and it will not burn the human body. If you find that the laser is very dazzling and burns the objects below, please stop operating and contact the supplier)

6.4. Rotate the focus adjustment knob under the laser head left and right until the laser focus is minimum.

Step 7. After all the above operations are completed, you can start laser machining.

7.1. Click the Home button to return the X and Y axes of the laser machine to the origin.

7.2. Click the direction button (arrow) to move the laser head to a suitable position.

7.3. Click Positioning to set the current position as the starting point of engraving.

7.4. Click the run button to start laser engraving or cutting a sign.

How To Make Money with Laser Personalized Signage?

Step 1. Consider your possible signage.

Personalized signs are fun and popular, and simple to create with a laser, but you should also consider the sign materials your machine can engrave and cut, as well as the size of the sign. All in all you have a choice of possible signage to make depending on the audience you want to target.

Step 2. Target your audience.

Step 3. Find the right location.

Step 4. Promote online and offline.

Step 5. Brand Marketing.

Step 6. Franchise.

Things To Consider for Beginners and Pros

When starting a custom sign business, the most important thing is to have your own laser engraving and cutting machine. In order to expand your business scope and legally pay taxes and collect profits, you must first register your own LLC or corporation and get a business license to start your business. Also, you may need a special permit to operate this type of business in your area, depending on your local government policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

A laser machine can engrave and cut personalized signs ranging from small to large, wood to metal, indoor to outdoor, relief to hollow, plain to colorful, and any signage you can imagine. The most popular custom signs that can be laser personalized on the market include business signs, wall signs, directional signage, storefront signage, corporate branding signage, hanging signs, roadside signage, instructional and awareness signs, lighted sign panels, awnings and outdoor signage, acknowledgment and gift signage, interior signs, logos, and banners.

The cost to start a custom sign business with lasers is basically just the cost of the machines and an office space to stock them. Different types of machines come with different costs, all depends on your needs. The cost of investing in a laser machine starts from $2,000 and up to $20,000. Additionally, your venue rental should also be added to the final cost.

A laser machine can easily create a sign in minutes, almost no professional experience is required, just move your fingers and tap the buttons to get this job done easily. Moreover, compared with mechanical tools, it is faster and more precise.

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Request A Laser Solution for Your Needs & Budget.

How To Get A Laser for Custom Sign Business?

How to own a laser machine to start or grow your custom signage business to make money? Here are four easy-to-follow steps to buy laser sign engraving cutting machines for hobbyists and industrial manufacturers.

Comparative Research Features & Costs

Comparative Research Features & Costs

Research and identify must-have features your business needs. Compare and find the best price for your budget.

Locate Machine And Request A Demo

Locate Machine And Request A Demo

Find and locate your picks in action. Request a demo of a model similar to yours for trial machining with your design.

Get Your Free Quote With Details

Get Your Free Quote With Details

Get a free quote with machine specifics, breakdown of costs, terms and conditions of payment, shipping and service.

Seal The Deal And Take Delivery

Seal The Deal And Take Delivery

Once you sign the contract, the machine is yours. You can ask to have it delivered to you in a timely manner on agreed terms.