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CO2 Laser Cutters

Affordable CO2 Laser Cutters for Starters & Professionals

Looking for an affordable CO2 laser cutter for hobbyists, home-based small business, and industrial manufacturing? Review our picks for all of the best CO2 laser cutting machines of 2023 to cut wood, fabric, acrylic, chipboard, cardboard, die board, leather, plastic, paper, and thin metals. You will find and get the great picks for all needs and budgets to create your personalized projects, start or grow your custom business with laser automation.

CO2 Laser Cutters for Sale

Affordable CO2 Laser Wood Cutter for Plywood and MDF
$3,500.00 - $4,800.00
5/5 Based On 1 Rating

Searching an affordable laser cutter to engrave and cut wood, MDF and plywood? Here is your best budget CO2 laser wood cutting machine for sale at cost price.
Industrial Laser Fabric Cutting Machine with Automatic Feeder
$10,000.00 - $16,000.00
5/5 Based On 2 Ratings

Industrial laser fabric cutting machine with conveyor table and automatic feeder is used to cut out shapes and contours for clothing, garment, fashion, apparel.
Affordable Fabric Laser Cutter with CCD Camera Vision Cutting System
$7,300.00 - $12,800.00
5/5 Based On 1 Rating

Affordable fabric laser cutter with CCD camera is a vision cutting system with automatic feeding system and conveyor belt for sportswear and fitness clothing.
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Buying A CO2 Laser Cutter To Start & Grow Your Business

Whether you're professional to lasers, or willing to try something new, you should know what you are buying a CO2 laser cutter for before making an investment. 

There's more to consider than just the laser power. Does it have the features you want? Does the bench size meet your needs? Are there any additional free software that support the control system? Can it cut metals in addition to non-metals? These are considerations you need to weigh.

A CO2 laser cutter is a type of numerical controlled cutting tool that focuses the laser beam emitted by the CO2 laser tube into a high-energy beam to cut materials through the focusing mirror inside the cutting head. A CO2 laser cutting machine relies on the laser power to drive the laser tube to emit light. Through the refraction of several reflectors, the light is transmitted to the cutting head, and then the focusing lens on the cutting head converges the light into one point, and this point can be very high. The temperature will instantly sublime the material into gas and be sucked away by the exhaust fan, thus achieving the purpose of cutting.

A CO2 laser cutting machine comes with laser powers of 80W, 100W, 130w, 150W, 180W, 280W, 300W used for cutting plywood, solid wood, fabric, textiles, paper, MDF, PET, OCA, conductive film and optical film, polarizer, privacy film, hardened film, electronic paper, light guide plate, backlight, cold light film, ceramic substrate, IT plastic components, electronic insulation materials , switch film, dust-free cloth, foam, leather case, leather, plastic, carbon fiber, injection nozzle, high density board, printed circuit board, 3M, ABS, PC, PS, PCR, ITO, EL, NOMEX, organic glass, acrylic, and other non-metallic materials of different thickness. With a hybrid cutting system, it can even cut thin metal sheets. It's used in clothing, leather fabrication, toys, models, handicrafts, electronic appliances, packaging and printing, advertising and decoration, and paper products.

Here are a number of options available to you for both hobbyists and commercial users with various features and costs. Continue reading to find out which CO2 laser is right for you, and be sure to review our best selection before you get started.