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UV Laser Engravers

UV Laser Engraving Machines You'll Love In 2023

UV laser engraver is a smart automatic precision marking tool that does just about everything right, which is a great pick for 2D fine engraving on plastic and glass, and even 3D subsurface engraving on crystal. The best ultraviolet lasers of 2023 come with a variety of brands, features, and prices. Whether you're looking for a hobby UV laser marking machine for small business, or a commercial ultraviolet laser engraving machine for industrial manufacturing, our selection of the most popular makes and models below should have you covered.

UV Laser Engravers for Sale

3D Laser Subsurface Engraving Machine for Custom Crystal and Glass
$17,500.00 - $19,800.00
5/5 Based On 1 Rating

3D laser subsurface engraving machine is the best ultra-fine laser engraver kit for inner crystal engraving, inside glass etching, and internal acrylic marking.
UV Laser Engraver with Fireproof and Dustproof Protective Cover
$5,800.00 - $8,300.00
5/5 Based On 1 Rating

UV laser engraver with an enclosure for fireproof and dustproof is a fully enclosed laser marking machine to safely create fine marks on plastics and metals.
Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine for Plastic and Metal
$4,500.00 - $6,500.00
5/5 Based On 1 Rating

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is a type of cold laser engraving system for ultra-fine printing on plastic, polymer and silicon, as well as glass and metal.
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What To Know About Buying UV Laser Engravers?

With the emergence of some high-end fine engraving requirements, the existing engraving tools including fiber and CO2 laser can no longer meet these business needs, and the advent of UV laser marking machines makes this job easy. Not only can it perform fine engraving on plastic and glass, but it can also perform subsurface engraving in crystal. What is a UV laser engraving machine?

A UV laser engraver is an ultra-fine marking tool that use a ultraviolet laser beam with 355nm wavelength to do cold engraving on plastic, glass and crystal, as well as wood and metal. UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet. Different from other types of lasers, UV laser is cold light without heat, which uses high-energy molecules in ultraviolet photons to directly remove excess parts from the substrate with the drive of the numercial controller according to the desgined file path.

Although it looks high-end and complicated, while it is actually easy to use for starters. All you need is a well-designed file, move the mouse and keyboard on the computer, and you can complete an exquisite engraving in minutes. So what can such a great machine be used for?

Ultraviolet lasers are used for fine marking on silicon wafers, flexible PCBs, LCD liquid crystal glass, mobile phone screens, mobile phone cases, and polymer materials, as well as 3D subsurface engraving in cystals. It should be mentioned here that Apple is using our laser subsurface engraving machine STJ-5KC. Is such an awesome machine expensive?

To be honest, the price of a UV laser making machine is a bit higher than other types of laser markers and engravers. A primary UV laser engraver STJ-3U (3 watts) starts from $5,500, while a higher power model STJ-5U (5 watts) costs up to $9,600. In addition, a subsurface laser engraving machine STJ-5KC is priced as expensive as $18000.

Although the initial investment cost is a bit high, while the value it can create is much higher than its own cost. In the long run, this is a good investment. There is nothing to consider, investing in a UV laser machine will definitely not let you down.