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Industrial 3D Laser Welding Robot for Smart Manufacturing
3D Fiber Laser Welding Robot
3D Laser Welding Robot
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Laser Welding Robot
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3D Industrial Robotic Fiber Laser Welding Machine

3D Industrial Robotic Fiber Laser Welding Machine for Sale

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$50,000.00 (Up To $60,000.00 for Top-Level Configuration)
  • Model - LW1800R | Brand - STYLECNC
  • Power - 1000W (1500W and 2000W for option)

Find valuable automatic 3D laser welding robots for smart manufacturing. Buy the best 6 axis industrial robotic fiber laser welder machine with FANUC robot arm.

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A laser welding robot is a multi-axis automated welding machine that uses a fiber laser beam to join parts together. It can realize intelligent welding of weldments without human participation. Its intelligent control system is equivalent to the response of a skilled welder, and can be flexibly applied to weldments of different specifications. The robot laser welding machine uses the laser beam as the welding heat source. It can irradiate the high-energy-density laser beam on the two parts of the material to make the local heating and melting, and then cool and solidify to form a whole.

3D Laser Welding Robot

Swing - The welding work is a three-dimensional omnidirectional swing work, and the parameters such as the swing frequency, swing amplitude, and swing type can be adjusted within the settings, so as to perform welding operations better.

Welding Sensing - Working with welding sensor, starting point detection and welding seam tracking sensing.

Welding Torch Anti-Collision - When the welding gun is subjected to abnormal resistance, the robot will stop working to avoid unnecessary losses caused by continued operation.

Welding Gun Correction - After the welding gun collides with the workpiece, it can be corrected and reset through simple operations.

Welding Sticky Wire Contact - After the welding is completed, when the welding wire and the welding torch head stick together, the sticky wire can be released again without manually cutting the welding wire.

Arc Break Restart - When arc break occurs in welding, the robot will return to restart arc welding according to the specified overlap amount, without manual repair welding operation.

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Industrial 3D Laser Welding Robot for Smart Manufacturing


Use 6-axis robot drive to work in a large area, and easily realize 360-degree welding without dead ends.

Integrated design, compact and beautiful structure, stable performance, high repeatability of welding positioning, fast welding speed and high efficiency.

Using high-quality fiber laser, excellent beam quality, maintenance-free, photoelectric conversion rate is greater than 30%, and the service life of the pump is greater than 100,000 hours.

Compared with traditional argon arc welding, the laser welding speed is higher, which can be increased by 5 to 10 times, and the consumption of power and consumables is lower, the processing cost is low, and the welding quality is stable.

The heat-affected zone of welding is smaller, which can better ensure the quality of welding products.

Robotic laser welding has good adaptability to welding materials, size and shape of welded parts, and can realize spot welding, butt welding, lap welding and sealing welding of workpieces.

Less smoke and dust, less radiation, more environmentally friendly and safer.

The extended axis can be customized to realize circumferential body welding, adding wire feeding function and welding seam tracking function, with a high degree of intelligence.

Robotic Laser Welding Gun

Pros and Cons

Improve Product Qualification Rate

Before welding different welding workpieces, the robot will automatically identify the weld seam and put down the welding material to fill the weld seam. The welding seam is beautiful and firm, and the weldment has high consistency, which improves the product qualification rate.

Reduce Labor Intensity

The welding robot with auxiliary equipment can realize the automatic flipping of thick plate weldments, and can carry out repeated production, helping workers to be freed from heavy welding tasks.

Increase Productivity

Traditional welding will be affected by the welding environment and human factors during operation, which slows down the work process and is not conducive to the rational arrangement of production by enterprises. Songle intelligent welding robot has a high degree of automation and can perform continuous operations and long-term welding tasks to help enterprises improve production efficiency.

Reduce Manufacturing Cost

In traditional welding, welding defects such as under welding, partial welding, and over welding will occur, which will increase the material cost of the enterprise. The welding robot can lay down the welding material according to the weld seam, and make full use of the welding material while welding accurately. One operator can operate two to three welding robots at the same time, which reduces the labor cost of the enterprise.


Production Line

The relatively simple laser welding robot production line is to connect multiple workstations (units) with workpiece conveying lines to form a production line. This type of production line still maintains the characteristics of single station, that is, each station can only weld the predetermined workpiece with the program of the selected workpiece fixture and welding robot.

The other is flexible production line for welding (FMS-W). The flexible line is also composed of multiple stations. The difference is that the workpieces to be welded are all clamped on a unified pallet, and the pallet can be matched with a positioner at any station on the line and clamped automatically. The laser welding robot system first identifies the number of the pallet or the workpiece, and automatically calls out the program for welding this workpiece for welding.

Car Manufacturer

Laser welding robots have been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry, welding automobile chassis, seat frame, guide rail, muffler and hydraulic torque converter, especially in the welding production of automobile chassis. In many modern automobile production workshops, automated welding equipment assembly lines have been formed.

Construction Machinery Manufacturing

With the intensification of welding tasks in the machinery manufacturing industry, welding is a dangerous occupation with poor working conditions and large heat radiation. Mechanical manufacturing also has a lot of large equipment, which also increases the difficulty of welding. Robotic laser welder is an automatic mechanical equipment for welding, which liberates the labor intensity of workers and helps to improve the automation level in the field of machinery manufacturing.

Electronic Equipment

The field of electronic equipment places high demands on soldering quality. With the continuous increase of society's demand for electronic equipment, electronic equipment has developed rapidly, but it is also facing severe challenges. The robotic laser welding machine can ensure the production efficiency while stabilizing the welding quality, and realize the precise welding of electronic equipment, which is three to four times higher than the manual efficiency.


In the ship structure, there are nearly a thousand welded components of the ship, involving nearly ten thousand parts. Most of the important load-bearing components of ships are welded components. The hull is under great pressure during operation, and the welding requirements are strict. The robotic laser welder flexibly sets welding parameters through automatic seam tracking technology, and accurately welds various parts of the ship.

Marine Engineering

As an important part of marine engineering equipment technology, marine welding has now become an indispensable foundation and supporting technology for marine resource development and marine engineering construction.

Robotic Laser Welding Projects


ModelLWR1000 / LWR1500 / LWR2000
Laser Power1000W / 1500W / 2000W
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.05mm
Technical Wingspan (mm)2010mm
Parameters InstallationFloor Stand / Hang Upside Down
Rated Load20kg
Laser Operating ModeCW/QCW
Laser WaveLength1070-1080nm
Welding Speed Range5KHz
Welding HeadRaytools

FANUC Welding Robot

ModelFANUC Robot
Control Axis6 Axis
Handling Weight20kg
X Motion Range1811mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.03
Control SystemR-30IB
5 out of 5

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Really love this robot as an industrial welder its very easy to dial in and get precise welds. Easy to weld all types and thicknesses of metals, and integrate seamlessly into our car body production line. Great value for the money. Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a laser welding robot.

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