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Automatic Laser Welding Machine with CNC Controller
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Automatic Laser Welding Machine
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Automatic CNC Fiber Laser Beam Welding Machine for Sale

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$14,800.00 (Up To $23,800.00 for Top-Level Configuration)
  • Model - LW1500A | Brand - STYLECNC
  • Power - 1500W (1000W, 2000W and 3000W for option)

Shop the best automatic laser welding machine of 2023 at a great price. Get what you want for joints of butt, lap, corner, tee, edge with this CNC laser welder.

  • Stock Availability - 120 Sets / Month Waiting for Sale In Stock
  • Payment Method - PayPal (Real-Time Transfer and Multi-Currency Support)
  • Shipping Service - 1-2 Days Handling and 7-30 Days Transit from $800.00
  • Returns & Refunds - 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee for Your Purchase
  • Warranty & Guarantee - 2 Years Limited Warranty for Repair and Replacement


LW1500A is a four-dimensional welding machine that uses high-energy laser beam to automatically join two connecting parts together. The high energy and high density of the laser beam make the heat-affected zone small, the weld seam flat, small in width, and free of pores. It can complete automatic precision welding of various specifications that cannot be done by traditional welding tools.

Automatic Laser Welding Machine

LW1500A features with fast welding speed, high precision, good beam mode to realize automatic positioning. The welding efficiency is hundreds of times higher than that of ordinary welders. LW1500A comes with automatic working table, rotating table and automatic laser beam lifting. Based on the welding software under the Windows platform, it can be edited freely, easy to operate and easy to maintain. With CNC programming, LW1500A can complete automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, lap welding, sealing welding, and welding for complex plane straight lines, arcs and arbitrary trajectories.

Automatic Laser Welding System

Demo Video

Automatic Laser Welding Machine with CNC Controller


The laser welding torch can be rotated 360°, the whole optical path can be rotated 360° and stretched back and forth. With automatic focus and rotation functions, it can weld products of any shape in 3D space.

Automatic Laser Welding Gun

Using four-dimensional ball screw table with servo control system, and the rotary table is optional to realize automatic laser welding such as spot welding, linear welding, circular welding with wide application range and high precision.

X, Y, Z, D axis four-axis linkage control system with stable performance, easy to use to meet the needs of large stroke.

High laser power, high depth-to-width ratio of the weld, small heat-affected zone, small deformation, high positioning repeatability, high efficiency, and fast welding speed.

The quality of the weld is high, flat and beautiful, without pores, and the toughness of the welded material is at least equivalent to that of the parent material.

LW1500A can realize spot welding, butt welding, lap welding, sealing welding for thin-walled materials and precision parts.

Humanized design, LCD screen display and centralized button operation are easier.

The current waveform can be adjusted arbitrarily, and different waveforms can be set according to different welding materials to match the welding parameters and welding requirements to achieve the best welding effect.

LW1500A can weld any trajectory of planes such as points, straight lines, circles, ellipses and squares.

Automatic Laser Welding Torch


LW1500A is used for stainless steel, gold, silver, iron, titanium, aluminum, alloy, steel, diamond and other same material welding or dissimilar material welding. It can weld point, straight line, circle, arc, square or any flat graphics created by AutoCAD software.

LW1500A is used to weld glasses frames, water cups, kettles, sprinklers, coffee pots, teapots, showers, stainless steel bowls, stainless steel appliances, sensors, diodes, aluminum alloys, mobile phone batteries, door handles, and electrical accessories.

Sanitary Industry: Water pipe joints, variable diameter joints, tees, valves, showers.

Battery Industry: Lithium batteries, battery packs, electrodes.

Glasses Industry: Glasses buckles and frames made of stainless steel, titanium alloy and other metals.

Hardware Industry: Impellers, kettles, handles, complex stampings, castings.

Automobile Industry: Engine cylinder head gasket, hydraulic tappet seal welding, spark plug welding, filter.

Medical Industry: Medical equipment, medical equipment stainless steel seals, structural parts.

Electronics Industry: Relays, connectors, connectors, mobile phones, MP3, motor housings and cables, fiber optic connectors.

Automatic Laser Welding Projects






laser Power




Welding Depth







laser Wavelength


Fiber Length


Working Table


Pulse Width




Driving System

Ballscrew+servo system

Cooling Chiller

Industrial water chiller

Working Voltage

220V/ 2P or 380V/3P

5 out of 5

Reviewed in Malaysia on

I have little experience on welding, so its a steep learning curve for me to get started in this professional laser welding machine. Thankfully, it welds automatically. It took me 6 days to fully master its operation tips. I tested it with some small projects in my store, and it actually produced quality welds. Im very excited to use this welder more in the future. Overall, Im happy with the purchase. Totally worth the money.

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