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Smart 3D Industrial Fiber Laser Cutting Robot for Metal Fabrication
Robotic Laser Cutting Machine
Robotic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Multi-Axis Laser Cutting Robot
Five-Axis Laser Cutting Robot
Smart 3D Robotic Fiber Laser Cutting Projects
Smart 3D Robotic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Industrial Metal Fabrication
Fiber Laser Cutting Robot
3D Laser Cutting Robot

3D Robotic Fiber Laser Cutting System for Industrial Metal Fabrication

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$50,000.00 (Up To $78,000.00 for Top-Level Configuration)
  • Model - ST-1800 | Brand - STYLECNC
  • Power - 1000W (1500W, 2000W and 3000W for option)

Fiber laser cutting robot is a smart 6-axis robotic laser cutter machine used to cut out complex 3D shapes & contours on metals in multiple directions & angles.

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ST-1800 3D laser cutting robot is an automatic multi-axis metal flexible cutting machine combined with a professional fiber laser cutting system and a smart industrial robot. The coordinated operation of 6 axes makes it possible to cut out fine cutting paths and complex shapes. ST-1800 features with high precision, high speed, high flexibility, low cost, intelligence and high integration. ST-1800 is easy to integrate and program, and easy to use without the need to design and set up complex cutting dies. ST-1800 is easy to cut through metals quickly and cleanly in multiple directions, angles and shapes without deburring or additional finishing. ST-1800 can cut out any shapes and contours independently on various types of metals, as well as integrate with smart production lines to enable bulk metalworking.

Fiber Laser Cutting Robot

3D Cutting - ST-1800 can position the laser cutting head in almost any position and orientation within its workspace.

Flexible Cutting - In the same condition, ST-1800 may be sufficient to replace several traditional laser cutting machines.

Large Workspace - ST-1800 has a large workspace, which means you don't need to sacrifice the large workspace of traditional machines.

Small Footprint - Even with a large workspace, ST-1800 will take up less floor space, especially if you only need one robot rather than multiple machines.

Autonomous Operation - If programmed correctly, ST-1800 will be able to operate completely autonomously. In addition, they can also take on tasks such as unloading and material handling, thereby reducing the human factor to a minimum.

Low Investment and No Consumables Required - ST-1800 has lower investment compared to five-axis gantry CNC machine tools, and no consumables are required for cutting in 100,000 hours.

Robotic Laser Cutting Machine

Demo Video

Smart 3D Industrial Fiber Laser Cutting Robot for Metal Fabrication


High precision FANUC industrial robot, all aluminum alloy arm, light weight.

The unique hoisting and weighting device ensures the running accuracy in any attitude.

Using fiber laser, the beam quality is good, the power is stable, and the energy consumption is low.

Optical fiber conduction, low energy loss, safe protection and convenient installation.

The robot adopts gantry-type hanging installation, which has a large working range and good access to the loading and unloading area, and can process large sheet metal forming parts.

ST-1800 comes with a fiber laser head with follow-up function, compact structure, light weight, double protection of focusing lens, low cost of use.

The fully-enclosed outer protection device adopts a safety interlock design to effectively isolate the processing area and avoid laser radiation damage, with high safety.

ST-1800 uses an intelligent operation terminal with user-friendly interface and built-in process database, easy to learn and flexible to use.

The robot fiber cutting system has remote diagnosis and remote assistance functions, and the after-sales service responds quickly.

A reliable collision quick reset device is installed between the robot and the laser cutting head to effectively protect key components.

A certain number of cutting units can be organized to form an automatic production line to meet the production needs of medium batches.

Robotic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Pros and Cons


The 3D laser cutting robot has strong adaptability to metal materials, and can basically cut through any metal through the CNC controller.

The processing path is controlled by the program. If the processing object changes, it is only necessary to modify the program. This is especially evident when the part is trimmed and cut. Because trimming dies and punching dies are powerless to the processing of other different parts, and the cost of molds is high, 3D laser cutting has a tendency to replace trimming dies and punching dies.

Using the combination of industrial robot + fiber laser for cutting, edge trimming and punching and other processes are completed at one time. Product grade and added value. Optional offline programming software can directly generate cutting trajectory through numerical simulation, abandoning complicated manual teaching, and is more suitable for small-batch and multi-batch maintenance markets, new product trial production and non-standard customization and other personalized cutting needs.

The perfect fusion of advanced fiber laser technology and digital control technology represents the most advanced level of laser cutting.

Using professional laser control system and CNC programming to guarantee the cutting quality, make the cutting job more convenient and easier to operate.

ST-1800 comes with an intelligent manipulator, it can realize three-dimensional cutting, which is easy to operate and highly intelligent, ensuring high speed, high precision and high reliability of the equipment.

The fiber laser head is responsive and accurate. It can effectively cooperate with the manipulator to avoid collision between the cutting head and the processed plate, and can ensure the cutting focus position and stable cutting quality.

Multi-Axis Laser Cutting Robot

Five-Axis Laser Cutting Robot


The only downside to this 3D fiber laser cutting robot is that it only works on metals, and not available to non-metals. This is because the fiber laser used in this system has a wavelength of 1064nm, which is not easily absorbed by non-metallic materials compared to CO2 laser with a wavelength of 10640nm.

In short, in actual production, 3D laser cutting robots have obvious advantages in improving product quality, production efficiency, shortening product development cycle, reducing labor intensity, and saving raw materials.

Therefore, despite the high cost of equipment and large one-time investment, many automobile and aircraft manufacturers have integrated 3D laser cutting robots in their intelligent production lines, and some colleges and universities also regard it as the goal of scientific research. All in all, 3D laser technology is bound to play an increasing role in manufacturing.


3D robotic fiber laser cutting machine is easy to cut through a variety of metals, from mild steel and stainless steel to non-ferrous metals. In additional, robotic fiber lasers are ideal for cutting aluminum, copper, brass and other reflective metals.

3D industrial fiber laser cutting robot is a professional cutting tool for smart manufacturing, including precision machinery, shipbuilding, aviation, jewelry manufacturing, kitchen utensils, precision machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric vehicles, such as cutting car body holing and trimming, steering wheel holing, car body windshields, roof cover bracket holing, airbag components, and hydroformed parts. 6-axis laser cutting robot is also used for 3D cutting after body assembly, such as opening luggage rack with fixed holes, roof slide rail holes, antenna mounting holes, and modifying the shape of wheel fenders.

Smart 3D Robotic Fiber Laser Cutting Projects




Laser Source

Raycus (IPG, MAX, RECI for Option)

Laser Power

1000W (1500W, 2000W, 3000W for Option)

Laser Wavelength




Driving System

Japan Yaskawa Servo Driver

Laser Head

Raytools 3D Laser Head

Repeated positioning accuracy


Graphic Format Supported



Floor stand/ Inversion type / wall-mounted

Auxiliary System

Cooling system

Dual-temperature with purification system chiller

Laser source cooling system

Air conditioning

Auxiliary gas system

Three gas source dual-pressure gas

Laser cutting head

Capacitive follow-up focus

5 out of 5

Reviewed in United Kingdom on

I purchased this 3D laser cutting robot for my business to custom car body components and profiles. Delivered on time, plug and play, easy to get it running. I tried cutting out openings for roof rails and antennas, and it works great for what is expected, resulting in clean and precise cuts. In the next few days I will try more types and thicknesses of metal materials, as well as various shapes of cuts.

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