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Affordable Fabric Laser Cutter with CCD Camera Vision Cutting System
Fabric Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Fabric Cutter
Laser Fabric Cutting Machine
Fabric Laser Cutting Head
Laser Cutting Fabric Projects

2023 Best Budget Vision Laser Fabric Cutting Machine with CCD Camera

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$7,300.00 (Up To $12,800.00 for Top-Level Configuration)
  • Model - STJ1610A-CCD | Brand - STYLECNC
  • Power - 100W, 150W

Affordable fabric laser cutter with CCD camera is a vision cutting system with automatic feeding system and conveyor belt for sportswear and fitness clothing.

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A laser fabric cutting machine is equipped with an automatic visual cutting system, which uses industrial cameras instead of human eyes to detect the processed fabrics. The resolution and frame rate can be selected according to the processing requirements to improve the defects of artificial vision. The visual cutting system can also precisely position the fabric, and guide the laser to cut the fabric to make the cutting line precise and smooth, and easily cut out any shape and size you want. This not only saves expensive and heavy fixture costs, but also improves the cutting efficiency. Accuracy guarantees quality, and it can also perform continuous and precise operations, which speeds up work efficiency.

Laser Fabric Cutter

STJ1610A-CCD is an automatic fabric laser cutting machine that can realize visual asynchronous cutting of different parts, different sizes and irregular graphics of fabrics in the same format, and can cut arbitrary complex shapes on fabrics. Through its automatic typesetting system, it can perform automatic nesting with optimized processing algorithms such as efficient mixed layout and gradient layout. The software can reasonably allocate and process the graphics data after layout, thereby greatly saving manual layout time and reducing the waste of leftover materials.

STJ1610A-CCD, with its innovative visual cutting design, as well as its features of intelligent, high precision, non-contact, smooth incision, and no rough edges, will gradually replace the traditional fabric cutting tools and give clothing design more plasticity.

Laser Fabric Cutting Machine


The software recognizes the graphic outline, automatically generates the cutting path and completes the cutting. The waste of materials and time caused by inaccurate positioning of users is avoided.

STJ1610A-CCD supports setting camera calibration offset compensation, correcting and identifying the overall offset that occurs after the device has been running for a period of time to ensure accurate graphics cutting.

Using the margin control method, the sensor probe is used to detect the length of the fabric margin, and the feeding motor is automatically turned on and off, so as to achieve the free and non-stretch conveying of the fabric.

The laser cutting technology that meets the requirements of visual positioning, integrates laser control technology, motion control technology and visual intelligence technology, and meets the needs of users for two-point positioning, four-point positioning, and automatic edge finding.

Fabric Laser Cutting Head

Feature pattern recognition, high-resolution image capture, positioning and cutting. It is suitable for graphic cutting where each cutting object needs precise positioning, such as textile trademarks (woven labels) and post-embroidery cutting of embroidery and other applications.

The motion system adopts multiple sets of stepping motors with high inertia and large torque to ensure high-speed and high-precision operation of the equipment.

High-rigidity square tube welded body with sheet metal cover to ensure smooth operation of the machine.

Automatic feeder comes with herringbone mesh belt or mountain-shaped mesh belt with chain, stable feeding and easy maintenance.

The inner rail motion system independently designed by STYLECNC Laser has light weight, high rigidity and good dynamic performance.


STJ1610A-CCD is suitable for cutting flexible fabrics such as cloth, wool and leather. It can cut the woven and embroidered fabrics and clothing fabrics along the line, that is, use the precise positioning of the laser to cut the preset graphics along the edge of the fabric. Under the control of the automation software system, it can automatically cut repeatedly, such as cutting and hollowing sportswear, yoga wear, swimsuits, dresses and other apparel. With its efficient and flexible visual positioning processing advantages, it is widely used in flexible material cutting, and has become an essential tool for flexible fabric processing manufacturers such as garment enterprises.

Laser Cutting Fabric Projects


Working Area1600mm x 1000mm
Laser Power100W/150W
Laser TypeCO2 Sealed Laser Tube
Cooling TypeWater Cooling
Max Moving Speed1600mm/s
Max Working Speed1400mm/s
Laser Output Control0-100% Set by Software
Min Character Engraved1.0mm × 1.0mm
Highest Scanning Precision4000DPI
Locating Accuracy≤+0.02mm
Controlling SoftwareDSP Control System
Graphic Format SupportedDST, PLT, BMP, DXF, DWG, AI, LAS
Drive SystemHigh-precision Stepper Motor
Auxiliary EquipmentsExhaust Fan and Smoke Pipe
Power SupplyAC110V/220V+10%, 50HZ/60HZ
Working EnvironmentTemperature0-45℃, Humidity5-95% (No Condensate Water)
5 out of 5

Reviewed in South Africa on

This laser cutter has completely changed my way of thinking with cutting fabrics. I have always used scissors and rotary cutters for this job in the past. I tried cutting with polyester and twill, and it worked like a hot knife through butter, everything was automatic to get this job done, and resulted in precision and clean cuts.

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