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UV Laser Engraver with Fireproof and Dustproof Protective Cover
UV Laser Marking Machine with Dustproof and Fireproof Protective Cover
UV Laser Engraver
UV Laser Marking Machine
UV Laser Engraving Machine
UV Laser Marking Projects

UV Laser Marking Machine with Dustproof and Fireproof Protective Cover

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$5,800.00 (Up To $8,300.00 for Top-Level Configuration)
  • Model - STJ-5U | Brand - STYLECNC
  • Power - 5W (3W and 10W for option)

UV laser engraver with an enclosure for fireproof and dustproof is a fully enclosed laser marking machine to safely create fine marks on plastics and metals.

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  • Shipping Service - 1-2 Days Handling and 7-30 Days Transit from $600.00
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STJ-5U UV laser engraver is a marking tool that uses an ultraviolet laser beam with 355nm wavelength to do fine engraving on plastic, glass, wood and metal. It comes with a vented enclosure for fireproof and dustproof and keep you safe in operation. Compared with the primary laser engraving machine, the ultraviolet laser has a smaller focus spot diameter and a smaller heat-affected zone, which can create smoother and cleaner engravings to meet your needs for ultra-fine marking.

UV Laser Engraver


Exquisite enclosure design can avoid any dust and fire. The safety cover can effectively isolate purple radiation, reduce the harm of laser radiation to the human body to ensure the safety of operators.

Higher pulse stability, more suitable for precision engraving.

Equipped with a professional chiller, the water cooling efficiency is higher and the air cooling volume is smaller.

UV Laser Marking Machine

An optional turntable can greatly reduce the processing time of a single workpiece. In the same unit time, the customer's harvest value is doubled.

User-friendly operation interface, easy-to-use and smart integrated software design and emergency stop function, reducing losses caused by accidental problems such as misoperation.

Support 24-hour uninterrupted work to meet the needs of large-scale industrialization or offline production.

UV Laser Engraving Machine


The UV laser pulse width is narrower, which makes the engraving time of the material shorter, so as to avoid the deformation or burning of the material due to heat, so the UV laser can better engrave on plastic and wood.

Metals absorb UV rays more than IR rays, so UV lasers are better suited for marking metal and glass materials than IR pump machines such as fiber laser marking machines.

Listed below are the most common applied materials and industries.

Electronic components, battery chargers, wires, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories (mobile phone screen, LCD screen) and communication products.

Auto parts, automotive glass, instrumentation, optical devices, aerospace, military products, hardware machinery, clocks and glasses, tools, measuring tools, cutting tools and sanitary ware.

Pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetic industries.

Surface and internal film etching of glass, crystal products, handicrafts.

Polymer materials, plastics, ceramics, and construction and fireproof materials.

UV Laser Marking Projects




Laser Type

Ultraviolet Laser

Laser Wavelength


Laser Power


Pulse Length


Working Area



20KHz - 150KHz

Min Line Width


Min Character


Repetition Accuracy


Machine Power


Electrical Power Requirement

220V,50HZ or 110V,60HZ

Cooling Mode

Water Cooling

5 out of 5

Reviewed in Singapore on

This is one of those must have lasers if you have a need of plastic engraving. I use this to custom plastic cards and tags and it engraves better than fiber lasers. Its straight forward in it use. An awesome tool for my personalized projects. What I have to mention about this engraver is the enclosure. It works great and safely to keep all the fumes and smoke out of my workspace.

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