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Affordable Handheld Laser Rust Removal Machine for Sale
Handheld Laser Rust Removal Machine
Portable Laser Rust Removal Machine
Handheld Laser Rust Remover
Laser Rust Removal Gun
Laser Rust Removal Projects

Portable Laser Rust Remover with Handheld Laser Cleaning Gun for Sale

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$8,800.00 (Up To $13,800.00 for Top-Level Configuration)
  • Model - LC2000 | Brand - STYLECNC
  • Power - 2000W (1000W and 1500W for option)

Need a portable laser cleaner to remove rust from metal? Buy this affordable handheld laser rust removal machine with options of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W.

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  • Shipping Service - 1-2 Days Handling and 7-30 Days Transit from $700.00
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  • Warranty & Guarantee - 2 Years Limited Warranty for Repair and Replacement


When metal parts are placed in a humid environment for a long time, rust will be formed on the metal surface, which not only affects the appearance, but also has a great impact on the performance of the parts. Traditional rust removal methods such as mechanical grinding, chemical derusting and ultrasonic derusting will no longer meet your needs for environmental protection, high-speed and high-precision rust removal. At this time, the handheld laser rust removal machine came out to meet various descaling needs.

Handheld Laser Rust Removal Machine

Handheld laser rust removal machine is a type of portable fiber laser cleaning system with a handheld laser rust removal gun for derusting from most of metal surfaces such as iron, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, gold and steel. It features with precise positioning, high stability, no damage to the metal substrate, no consumables, low operation and maintenance costs, environmental protection and no pollution. It is an ideal choice for rust removal from metals, and is easy to combine with CNC or robot arms to realize smart manufacturing.

Handheld Laser Rust Remover

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Affordable Handheld Laser Rust Removal Machine for Sale


There are laser powers of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W for option.

The electric control part adopts the air lift rod and the hinge opening and closing device, also the screws are fastened during transportation, which is durable, safe and reliable.

The electrical layout is reasonable, the lines are neat, the markings are clear, and the trunking is beautiful.

Optical fiber armored cable inventory adopts recessed design, which makes more use of space. Optical fiber exit level design, inventory and turning radius are greater than the safety standard, also improve the life of the optical fiber.

Design height adjustable 360-degree rotating support rod to reduce labor intensity and improve safety.

Three safety devices are adopted: main switch, control switch, and emergency stop switch. The button switch is equipped with an anti-touch protective cover to increase the safety factor.

The foot of wheel is convenient, beautiful and stable. The heat dissipation design of high opening rate reduces the working temperature and prolongs the life of electronic components.

Standard tool box and accessories, including a set of copper nozzles, 5 protective lenses, a pair of protective glasses, and a set of wrenches.

Laser Rust Removal Gun

Pros and Cons

No damage to the base of the metal due to the no-touch rust removal performance.

Precise rust removing technic for the specific area in a selected area.

No need of chemistry or other added supplies.

Easy to use, hand-held or automatic removing rust with a robotic arm.

Small cleaning time consumption and comes with a high quality finishing result.

Stable and impacted integrated design which results to no extra maintenance.

Portable Laser Rust Removal Machine


Whether it is an auto repair shop or a commercial cultural relic restoration business, laser rust removal is applied to all walks of life. Here are a few types of rust that lasers can remove.

Iron Rust: When oxygen in the air dissolves in water, the oxygen reacts with iron in an environment with water to produce iron oxide, which is iron rust.

Copper Rust: People who wear metal glasses should know that small screws and glasses legs are usually made of copper. After wearing for a long time, there are green things that are rusted. Patina, also known as verdigris, is also relatively common.

Aluminum Rust: Aluminum is actually easier to rust than iron, but aluminum rust (aluminum oxide) is relatively tight, covering the metal surface can effectively prevent the underlying metal from rusting. In addition to dulling the surface gloss quite a bit.

Tin Rust: The chemical properties of tin are very stable. A tin dioxide protective film is formed on the surface of tin in the air and is not easily oxidized by oxygen at room temperature, so it often maintains a silvery luster.

Silver rust: The surface of silver jewelry will oxidize after wearing it for about half a year, and the color will become dull and lose its luster. This is that the silver is oxidized and produces silver rust. Of course, it will also react with sulfur and acid gases, resulting in blackening.

Gold Rust: Gold is oxidized very slowly, and it only forms a thin oxide layer on the surface, which affects the original luster of gold. Not so much for gold.

Steel Rust: The accumulation or adhesion of substances on the surface of steel will also cause chemical corrosion of steel in the presence of water and oxygen.

Laser Rust Removal Projects




Laser Source

Fiber Laser

Laser TypeCW Laser (Continuous Wave Laser)

Laser Power

2000W (1000W, 1500W, 3000W for Option)

Laser Wavelength


Laser Frequency


Laser Cleaning Speed


Laser Scanning Speed


Rust Metals

Iron, Steel, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Lead, Zinc, Aluminum

Cooling Type

Water Cooling

Laser Beam Width


Operation Mode





220V/2P for 1000W and 1500W

380V/3P for 2000W and 3000W

5 out of 5

Reviewed in the United States on

After trying many ways to get rust stains out of metal outdoor furniture, including chemical cleaners, polishers, and sanders, I turned my attention to laser rust cleaning machine. After months of research and comparisons, I purchased one from STYLECNC. Its portable with a handheld laser rust removal gun. Arrived in 15 days. Plug and play. I tried it on a rusty iron door, and rust disappears in an instant. No need to scrub at all. It was so amazing and I had to come here and leave a review and recommend this to anyone looking to get rust removed from metals.

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